2021 is the year I complete my general schooling, plan ahead, learn Python, and catch up on my backlog

Because 2020 has taught us that anything can happen at times when we are the least prepared

I’m sure we have all heard of ‘New Year resolutions’- So cRiNgY.. ew. This post is not that, two weeks before new years. I plan to dive head first, cold turkey whatever you wanna call it.. into 2021 and it starts today the 18th of December, starts right now with a cold shower and hitting git push for this quick post and hype for a productive blogging session. If you plan something right now and leave yourself in that ‘negotiation room of your mind’ then by the next time we meet nothing’s going to happen and we all continue-on with our lives as we love to surf against our cognitive friction.

I hope your conscience reminds you of that negotiation deal with your brain where you say- “I’ll do that project tomorrow, I’ll start tomorrow, I don’t have time. Procrastination. Or as I like to call it ‘working on getting work done”


The point is - you start it in the next 10 seconds before your negotiating mind tries to find an excuse

Go drink a glass of water, have a cold shower or if you’re reading this at night and you’re just about to doze off- try sleeping without a pillow and feel that weird ‘feeling of falling’ your idea doesn’t have to be ambitious.

I plan to

  • learn Python & C++
  • teach / educate about privacy, GNU/Linux, static websites - in a fun way on Peertube and LBRY
  • setup a casual Matrix chatroom
  • fix my wardrobe & only buy clothes that I care about wearing
  • take 1 photo a week for the year and compile it into a video
  • focus on minimalism, and towards an offline first world youtube-dl / Hundred Rabbits
  • teach diesel some new tricks
  • create a bucketlist template for a helpful collaborative project I have in mind.
  • create a codeberg repo for various concept ideas… originally shower thoughts
  • setup a PGP key and learn that stuff
  • learn kdenlive
  • make memes on reddit
  • These are not all my goals in my head, but some for starters.

You define the rules and you stick to them

Discipline your mind and then you can always complete tasks you throw at it because you build up a pattern. Go tell your goals to someone, post it on your social media feeds to be accountable for it- write it to yourself on a piece of paper (like me) and put it somewhere for example your school blazer, or write a blog post but the..

The most important thing is ‘read it again on December 1st 2021’ and you’ll see how you treated yourself

My words today - will only truly reflect when I read this in 2021 in this follow-up article. Till then adieu