I’m preparing for competitive entrance exams for engineering

1.2 Million kids write this exam each year & it’s really tough to get a good rank

I’ll be focusing more on text posts, back to blogging and learning C++ during the 2nd half of this year. Good videos take a lot of time to produce especially when editing on a non 16:9 (1920x1080) screen. Hopefully I’ll cope up with school work during the the course of this year and find pockets of time to make videos. Let’s see how that goes.

I’m taking a break from uploading often on PeerTube & Odysee

Focusing all you’ve got in these 2 years is a good investment. Every mark counts ~ 1 mark alters your position by 4 ranks assuming you’re in the 150+/300 bucket in your JEE Mains exam. I’ve already come this far, so why waste these 2 years?

Another goal to tick off my bucketlist โœ…

Learn from the best hackers (clever people) in the realm of Computer Science

To do that it means working with people from the best colleges in India like the NITs, IIITs & IITs of India and possibily get help from college connects and professors there. JEE is a way to get into these colleges eventhough it means writing subjects that have no relation to CS, like Chemistry or Physics. I haven’t found any other way to get in so this is what I’ll be focussing on for the next 2 years.

Totally different from 10th grade

Last year sucked. The pandemic had affected our learning environment, physical schools were redundant. I never went for an offline class the whole of last year! There was zero emphasis on live classes or laboratory classes like I had 2 years ago in 9th grade. I still remember those days. No need for proprietary apps like - OneNote, Google xyz (whatever they use nowadays) - aren’t going to replace the good old chalk and board.

Let’s hope things get better - here’s a short video of Diesel

Reminder: Today is a good day to #degoogle and delete your google account, after that Google Photos and YouTube Ads terms of service update.

And congrats you’ve probably wasted half of 2021. How’s your year been?