Facebook has info on every single internet user, yes including you - unless you don’t have friends.

If you have friends, family who use WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger, Facebook or an app or website running Facebook’s tracking pixel then it is sharing your data to Facebook.

A rouge ISP, phone MIUI/Samsung OneUI/OnePlus, or even your workplace knowingly or unknowingly shares your data with F A C E B O O K

Let me rephrase Facebook. It’s not just Facebook. I am talking about Instagram and WhatsApp too. If one goes down, the rest does too they all run on the same CDN and servers.

Before I made the switch I have to admit I was loyally addicted to juggling between Instagram and WhatsApp. One reason! DMs the only reason I tried Instagram in the first place

The cringy catchphrase the naive 13 year old me bought into– ‘Dude just download it, cuz everyone’s using it’

A clear fallacy ~ Circular Logic. Also called the network effect.

My stance today

I refuse to text via any of the Facebook apps (Instagram and WhatsApp) or any equivalent service. You can contact me using free/libre software apps which respect our privacy –> polarhive.ml/contact/

Facebook has a toxic monopoly. For most people it’s their only social media. This is a huge honeypot for governments and advertisers. Stalin’s dream.

Deep-rooted in our vocabulary

  • At a party? Cool! what’s your Insta? I’ll tag you.
  • What’s your WhatsApp number? and not your ‘phone number’
  • Schools force children to use Facebook (WhatsApp)

You should recognise and protest either straightup delete your account or slowly, reduce dependence on such monopolies unitl you feel comfortable to switch.

Use ethical libre software that have the reputation of respecting user privacy. ~ Fediverse + Matrix/Signal/Telegram

UPDATE: Jan 10th - there’s an influx of WhatsApp refugees switching to Signal and Telegram. Here’s a news article to get you upto speed.

How I Did It.

I logged in, typed deletefacebook.com which took me to the ‘Delete my Facebook account’ page and pretty Zuckerberg wants to lock me in for 30 more days. 30 days until deletion! I made use of those 30 days. I posted IG/WA Stories and set up auto reply in the WhatsApp business app with this post and a link to my website, Telegram and Snapchat. Then I deleted the Instagram app from my phone the same week.

Ahem, that was 2 years ago. Today the 4th of April.

I login to Instagram and WhatsApp and respond to each person with..

‘I’m Deleting my Facebook account today including WhatsApp and Instagram the 2 apps owned by Facebook. Why?

Privacy matters, Big Tech companies are do not care about you. Facebook will always be an advertising company who profits off our data. I don’t want to contribute nor consume from such unethical companies. I do not give consent to sharing any of my photos, texts, and data to Facebook anymore. Please purge these chats if you can but I assume Facebook would keep it forever, so I treat all content shared on Facebook as public domain. Read more at polarhive.ml/fb

How do you stay in touch? text me on Telegram or Signal. Find my photos on Pixelfed. Don’t get zucked

Not a late April fool’s joke, this experiment turned to workout after 1 to 2 weeks, especially my close friends, they rang me up, quite surprised. And I’m sure none of you’ll ever read the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

I got to know how toxic internet communications are

Where in the illusion of free, and peer pressure you are the product for their multi-billion dollar business.

I opened up VLC and started recording how I deleted my accounts, in satisfaction uploaded a video a day later.

First was Facebook, then WhatsApp, then Instagram, boom finally ridden. Facebook should be obliged not to have any profile on me after this. Which I know they surely do, even after this fiasco. It’s called shadow profiles To serve you ads eventhough you don’t use Facebook and who knows what not?

I’m better off not aboard the zuckership.

I’m officially out of the Facebook jail.

Not f'd — you won't find me on Facebook

Here are chronological timelines 1 2 of recent Facebook mishaps.

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