Facebook is not going to break up and sell WhatsApp and Instagram anytime soon

It’s up to the user’s to defend for themselves, you are at their mercy when fighting for privacy on a platform that lives by selling your data. Breaking up? - a silo like Facebook unfortunately controls our social relations. Facebook hacks into our social life emotions, the fun moments we share & with our friends and family is associated with Facebook. It gets harder to leave such a platform, where you’ll miss out [FOMO] unless you get others to join you to use alternate platforms.

That being said - you got to step foot and take charge, if you don’t it’ll only go downhill. The more you use Facebook, the harder it gets to quit.

Deep-rooted in our vocabulary

  • At a party? Cool! what’s your Insta? I’ll tag you.
  • What’s your WhatsApp number? and not your ‘phone number’
  • Schools force children to use Facebook (WhatsApp)

I’m Deleting my Facebook account today including WhatsApp & Instagram the 2 apps owned by Facebook. Why?

Privacy matters, Facebook will always be an advertising company who profits off our data. I want to use better platforms.

To - friends and family reading this

I do not give consent to anyone sharing any of my photos, texts, and data to Facebook anymore. Please purge our chats if you can or assume Facebook will keep it forever. Treat all our chats as ‘public domain’. Read more at and where to find me.

This was the message I sent out to friends and family a week before deleting my accounts.

Instagram profile

The cringy catchphrase the naive 13 year old me bought into – ‘Dude just download it, cuz everyone’s using it’

Before I made the switch I’ll admit I was addicted, juggling between Instagram and WhatsApp. One reason - DMs the only reason I tried Instagram in the first place


4th of April. I login, type which takes me to the ‘Delete my Facebook account’ pretty Zuckerberg wants to lock me in for 30 more days. I made use of those 30 days. I posted IG/WA Stories and set up auto reply in the WhatsApp business app with this blog post and a link to my website.

“Not f’d — you won’t find me on Facebook

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UPD: Here is a chronological timeline of recent Facebook mishaps that I started logging after I deleted my Facebook account.