Google is probably your search engine. Google Chrome, your web browser.

Google flavoured Android + an OEM skin, the OS your phone runs on.

YouTube? the only source for video content.

Peha on

Google builds high quality products with great security like Pixel or the Chromium browser but they suck in Privacy and freedom in software. It’s not their concern. All attempts at making their projects good are neutered with their proprietary anti-features like data collection, telemetry and straightup spyware.

They entangle you in their proprietary ecosystem and mix it with projects like Android or Chromium.

Why does Android need to ship with Google Play by default? Can I ever buy a mainstream phone without it phoning Google back home? No, it’s not the status quo. It’s a part of the surveillance capitalsm system. There are one or two phones phones that run Android but not Google out of the box like the custom XDA Phone running Lineage OS and the E OS phones. But these aren’t available by where I live and it’s way out of my budget for a simple device.

So I decided to delete my Google account

👀 such space, wow. such data..

This ^ is just YouTube 16GB!. Wait, There’s more?

Arm yourself. Pry out Google apps by yourself. Replace them with libre F-Droid apps. Firewall connections to Google’s servers.

I use something called NextDNS. I unlocked the bootloader of my phone and removed MIUI. I flashed a custom ROM. Check this video by Henry from Techlore.

Also Don’t fall back to Apple or iPhones, they are a completely proprietary ecosystem and are ‘jails’. You never own your iPhones, Macs or iPads, you just rent them from Apple.

Apple, the developer has control over your device and therefore has control over ‘you’. GNU/Linux Phones is a buzzing place but the quality of native apps on Android and F-Droid are much better than GNU/Linux phones.

2020 is the year I plan to delete my mainstream Google account. I have a brand account though, for my YouTube channel, I plan to siphon users who find my content there towards my PeerTube and LBRY channels. #FediFirst

Why I won’t continue even with the 15 gigabytes?

I already crossed that 15 GB mark, I am currently storing 32+16 = 48+ GB totally in my Google account. YouTube + Google Photos.

An excellent guide I found for Google Photos

  1. Export all your data use: Select all and download your data.

You’ll get an email when they’re done

My brand account [YouTube]

My personal account

Move all photos to the bin with this tool

Delete from the bin and it’ll look like this

After June 1st what will I permanently lose?

Some icon packs I redeemed via Google Play credits and My google email. polarhive @ gmail . com I can brag then, who uses gmail lol?

update: I’ve deleted my Google account before June 1st.

Things I will still use in with a proxied IP address..

Google Maps. YouTube via NewPipe and Invidious.