Imagine Instagram allowed users to follow and like someone else’s Tweets through the Instagram app or follow their favorite YouTube channel with their Instagram account.

You can like posts follow Pixelfed from your Mastodon account. You can watch a PeerTube video on Mastodon like and comment with your Mastodon account that’s the beauty of the Fediverse.

This is federated social media, best implemented by the ActivityPub protocol

Mastodon, PeerTube, Plemora, FunkWhale, WriteFreely, Pixelfed and many many more you can discover

I finished setting up accounts and chekout what the Fediverse had to offer Mastodon, Pixelfed and PeerTube

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I used to use Twitter, Snapchat, Reddit, YouTube, and Telegram [channels], to connect with friends and stay updated.

But I prefer to choose platforms that are decentralised, have good integrations with other platforms, RSS and IFTTT support.

People shouldn’t have to be locked into a platform, when you post something they always have freedom to opt for another medium to find your amazing work.

Platforms should be fast, scalable, easy to port should I need to switch platforms / servers and have a lively community.

Embedded examples

Why should I use it, no one is using xyz is a fallcious concern Do not “compromise for data mining monsters like TikTok or Facebook, because everyone’s using it”

A way to inspect what these data mining companies are doing is by using a content blocker extension like uBlock Origin things like Tor won’t help you since you don’t plan to go anonymous after you log in. Here a VPN in theory, can help cover your real-IP address.

How do I switch?

Post or tell people about your decision of shifting your primary platform from Twitter/Instagram/YouTube to Mastodon/Pixelfed/PeerTube. They can always get your posts via RSS or visit your handle regardless they have an account or not.

Here’s a great guide I found!

I DeletedTwitter and I no longer do this I post on fedi first. I leave this here for reference.

I connect all non-Fediverse compatible social networks like Vero to Twitter to auto post to my Twitter if I really need them. Instagram could be an option for you. Use IFTTT to auto post instead of the native post to Twitter integration found on Instagram. I connect my Twitter with Mastodon with a service called Moa to cross post. Use it to connect Instagram to Mastodon if IFTTT does not work. Then I use IFTTT to auto post to my Telegram channel with Mastodon’s auto generated RSS feed for my account.

That’s about it for the Twitter and Mastodon integration. Now I just post on Mastodon and anyone can get my posts.

You can join Mastodon here pick any instance which is open for registration and follow me

IRL Workflow

  • Mastodon→RSS feed found here→Telegram channel
  • Pixelfed and PeerTube posts are 🔁 Boosted to Mastodon and continues as the first workflow suggests. The fediverse is magic!

Use the PWA apps for Mastodon and Pixelfed on Firefox / Chromium

Tusky and Fedilab if you prefer apps. There’s also Mammut I like but its in beta.

That’s how you go about fixing your social media, excercising your freedom, decentralizing the web & expanding your audience.

Since you’ve read so far ~ follow me on the fediverse