I posted recently, on my Mastodon account.

As you can deduct, I’m a big fan of the fediverse and I blogged about switching to the fediverse a long while ago and it’s going great.

Wait? why not Twtter?, YouTube or XYZ?

Any social network is only as valueable as their users - Network effect.

Post content to PeerTube a week or two before it goes to YouTube, post to Mastodon and use IFTTT to auto fetch the RSS feed and don’t look back on Twitter.

Another way to think is - the only reason to be on YouTube or some proprietary service is to get everyone to join the fediverse and discover alt-platforms through your account.

Post content to the decentralized fediverse first, before they air on centralized social media ~ reboost it, cross platfrom and aim for organic growth not to please an algorithm, plus it saves you time and effort because it’s modifiable to serve your needs. Free software!

It siphons the user previously trapped in propietary, shadow banning, legacy platform into the fediverse.

Quite simply, put fedi - ‘first’ and other platforms just serve as a temporary ad market to get the word around.

In the normie world, Facebook, Twitter and Google are the instances that we avoid.

These mega villages hosted by Google, Facebook etc - don’t allow federation. I can’t follow people on Instagram from my Twitter account. Likewise I can’t like a YouTube video from my Instagram or Twitter. This is the way it’s designed and they have no plans on adopting open-protocols.

Fediverse does not belong to one person or entity. You as a user can host an instance or join an instance which caters to your interests. Instances are like villages, there’s one for everybody.

I deleted Snapchat too.. My last centralized social media.

P.S. Sometimes these platforms don’t like people leaving. Look at the 3d screenshot.

YouTube turned on ads for everyone

Centralized social media is often a ground for Surveillance Capitalism

Read these paragraphs from - blog.joinmastodon.org which inspired me to write this post.

The social network that is Mastodon isn’t really Mastodon. It’s bigger. It’s any piece of software that implements ActivityPub. That software can be wildly different in how it looks and what it does! But the social graph–what we call the people and their connections–is the same

Facebook simply cannot give anyone the power to do anything, because that power will always, ultimately, reside in Facebook itself, which controls both the software, the servers and the moderation policies

No, the future of social media must be federation. The ultimate power is in giving people the ability to create their own spaces, their own communities, to modify the software as they see fit, but without sacrificing the ability of people from different communities to interact with each other. Of course, not every end user is interested in running their own little social network — just like every citizen isn’t interested in running their own little country.

Consider what Klinman said:

“Facebook is essentially running a payola scam where you have to pay them if you want your own fans to see your content. If you run a large publishing company and you make a big piece of content that you feel proud of, you put it up on Facebook. From there, their algorithm takes over, with no transparency. So, not only is the website not getting ad revenue they used to get, they have to pay Facebook to push it out to their own subscribers. So, Facebook gets the ad revenue from the eyeballs on the thing they are seeing, and they get revenue from the publisher. It’s like if The New York Times had their own subscriber base, but you had to pay the paperboy for every article you wanted to see.”"

When the linear timeline was removed in favor of their own algorithmic sort, they removed our control over the conversation entirely. Instead of you and your friends in discourse with each other, you’re talking around the sources of content you’re being told to see, read, and like. You are in direct competition with a corporate notion of your personal history, identity, and relationships.

The fediverse is an acutal ‘social-network’, people are kinder, have fun and everyone has a different experience on their own terms compared to an an algo driven hate fueled social network

My Prediction -> And any non-federating social network will inevetiably fail in a free market.

As a creator, you should be under control. Period.

To ensure your content is available in a chronological, non algorithmic feed to the user. For the user it would mean, getting actutal feeds of content that they subscribed to. Less fake news, more privacy, sovereignity and portability.

Please your audience, not an algorithm.

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