“I trust Mozilla more than Google, the problem is Mozilla trusts Google more than you.”

Google is their primary search engine, in all their screenshots they advertise Google Search and Google Play rather than self hosting their own F-Droid repo. Google is their primary and only ‘real’ source of income and ironically their competitor. No PeerTube or Mastodon accounts to follow. It’s again Twitter and YouTube.

Firefox by default, is more invasive of privacy than Brave or Chromium https://fosspost.org/mozilla-go-unfck-yourself/

Mozilla bad - Firefox meh

If you tweak Firefox and Chromium to the max, the only reason you’d use Firefox is that it’s not controlled by Google, or is it?

Google funds Mozilla’s life support but somehow their codebase seems to favour your freedom, using open standards. That’s as of right now. I think eventually Firefox will be filled with DRM stuff ported from Chrome. (Librewolf vs UngoogledChromium) are on par on the privacy side, while Chromium has waay way better security (site isolation).

But this comes at a cost.

Chromium is eating the browser marketshare, there are legit reasons - because it is much faster fastersigh + Firefox has many security issues (sandboxing / site isolation) sucks where Chromium’s work is much better. They implement web technologies very late (PWAs), websites tend to assume people just use Chrome Mozilla turns telemetry and their other spyware on by default. Things like Brave are upfront and less invasive in terms of network requests / telemetry. But have other intentions like crypto in mind.

Look - The average user doesn’t have the time to toggle off all their tracking

When people ask what browser should they use I suggest LibreWolf a sanitized version of Firefox, Ungoogled Chromium or Brave. With the major downside being the Chromium base for the sake of internet freedom. There are no legit alternatives that aim at Chromium’s speed and security. Smaller browsers focus on one sided platforms and a specific use case. For the forseable future we have to live with Chromium/Firefox duopoly. Make sure it’s de-googled. I suggest un-googled Chromium for most tech savvy users. If top notch syncing features and upstream security updates are your concern use hardened Brave is the best for normie users.

Here’s what Mozilla should do

  • Stop draining your funds in unproductive campain programs and poltics.
  • Just get out of politics, you’re a browser company, stick to that.
  • Ask support from users before the 3 year search contract with Google is over.
  • Release Firefox Fission ASAP, on all platforms including Android
  • Change your release schedule, for the STABLE release only develop ESR versions with timely security patches, fund your security team more to finish Site Isolation, keep all the new features for the Beta and Nightly.
  • Start an F-Droid repo and focus on a degoogled, bigtech free experience.
  • Remove all anti-features, telemetry, etc, in the STABLE releases of Firefox, keep it in the Nightly builds.
  • Ask users for donations and effectively show us why you’ll beat Chromium/Google in performance than shake their hands.
  • Get away from Google, and eventually add uBlock Origin as a prebuilt addon with other community focused privacy plugins.
  • ‘Firefox’ :: ‘Mozilla’ is to ‘Google Search’ :: ‘Google’ The fact that it is not Chromium is the only ‘real reason to stick with Mozilla’. If Firefox fails, Mozilla is dead. And yes, Google holds hostage Firefox and feeds them just enough to defend themselves from anti-trust laws.

I plan to stick to LibreWolf / ungoogled Chromium as my main browsers and can not recommend Firefox to everyone until it fixes itself.

Install LibreWolf

Watch this excellent video by Lunduke who predicted these things 2 years ago.

Here’s my video on FOSS browsers