Whaat? you use LiNuX??? aRe yOu sOmE hAckER?

No, that’s not how I perceive it. People ahem, mainstream media - confuse the term hacker. I mean - ‘hacking’ as in ‘a hacksmith’ - “someone who is playfully clever”. I love tinkering stuff, not just computers. Desktop GNU+Linux is not something hard. GNU/Linux is about freedom. You get to modify each and every thing about your system to get your perfect match

GNU/Linux ≠ Ubuntu. Ubuntu uses the Linux kernel.

Android runs Linux (Android+Linux). So it’s not something new or something that is only for ‘geeks’ But What I’m concerned is with the ‘GNU’ system and a ‘desktop environment’ found in an easy to install complete packages like, PureOS, Manjaro, Ubuntu and such - collectively called distributions or ‘distros’ for short.

Here’s a quick explainer - trylinux.today

Evil companies like Microsoft, Google and Apple want to have control over you by their proprietary operating systems running nonfree software

A simple business model where you ‘rent’ the software running on your Phone or Laptop. Kind of like ‘DRM’. You can never ‘own’ your copy of MacOS or Windows 10. As long as you connect to the internet - they control everything through automated updates. Apple and Google can remove apps from your phones because they are bundled with the OS and designed to not respect your freedom. Although, Android can be setup to remove Google services and ‘degoogle’ your phone plus get apps from the F-Droid store.

If you buy a generic computer they run malware like Windows 10 or MacOS out of the box and make it hard to run alternative OSs

Further, teachers at school - tell young students that this is ‘the normal’ and the only OS we run is a proprietary one. That children have to use these proprietary locked ecosystems.

  • I’ve only tried it on ‘Google Chrome’ I’m sorry XYZ browser ain’t supported.
  • Writing a document? Use Word and .docx
  • A Presentation? send me your .ppt
  • A file to share? Send me your Gmail (email) I’ll send it to your Google Drive.

You get the point. Most users don’t know about open standards like [Matrix], RSS, WebDav and the ODF’s .odt, .odp. and .ods that are designed to work perfectly fine with any software suite. Something everyone should be using.

For me Privacy>FLOSS>Security

Security sucks on GNU/Linux, yeah I know but keeping your guard and having a generic threat model should be fine. Just don’t be dumb. I assume you would be using this as your personal computer of sorts.

I love a clean - minimal - desktop

GNU/Linux gives me the Freedom to get my perfect look ~ this is what I meant by ‘hacking’

A clean minimal desktop with a desert wallpaper

A clean minimal desktop with a desert wallpaper



Presto - here it is

I use Manjaro KDE, it’s the perfect combo of fast updates, an easy rolling distro, lightweight compared to Ubuntu and the AUR is brilliant. I clean install it on the inbuilt HDD and it works out of the box.

There is a glitch in the matrix

Apps I use

I run Tor, Brave, Ungoogled-Chromium and LibreWolf.

PWAs>Flatpak>AUR>Manjaro repo>AppImage>Tarball>Snap

I get apps in this order. IMO AppImages are the best for new users. Flatpaks allow for auto updates and emulate an ‘F-Droid’ like experience. Snaps are the worst, and have no reason to exist.

A Noob’s script

On a fresh install of Manjaro download this apps.sh script and run it in the terminal. It’s a list of apps I’d recommend.

  • Click here to download and save this file to your downloads folder.
  • Open Konsole by typing / search after pressing the ‘start button’
  • Right click copy and right click paste this cd ~/Downloads
  • Then right click copy and right click paste sh apps.sh
  • done… it’ll start enter your password to install the apps


As my office suite. But as I’m not into formal writing. I also suggest ONLYOFFICE. It’s a goodlooking alternative.

Telegram & Element

For videocalls, minimal cloud storage, usually notes, photos and links I keep and of course texting.

Multi Media

  • Kdenlive - Video editor
  • Lollypop - music player
  • Newsboat - RSS reader
  • MPV and youtube-dl for videos


For syncing my school work and backing up to cloud storage.

Text editor / IDE

VSCodium-bin from the AUR. I’m learning NeoVIM

Hugo and Git

For this static Markdown/html website