I care about digital privacy

(Obviously), this site has no tracking scripts or 3rd party requests.

I can't identify you unless you tell me otherwise. Currently this site is hosted on Netlify and works perfectly with the Tor Browser which masks your browser's fingerprint & IP adress from Netlify, and your ISP/middle men in your network.

That being said - you shoudn't rely solely on my word, or anyone for that matter when it comes to your digital privacy; verify for yourself.

I utilize proxy frontend services like - Nitter, Piped & to avoid pinging BigTech social media sites. When visiting external links referenced in my blog post use the uBlock Origin extension to block trackers & 3rd party requests.

Page hits/traffic is calulated server side, I use it just for fun - manually updating the page footer each month, it might not be accurate.

Encrypt stuff w/ my PGP key - 0x56E9398E24BDB4F0